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Lock It, Hide It, Keep It

The West Valley LAPD site is a community platform for the dissemination of information, sharing ideas, and joint projects for building an engaged community and the LAPD West Valley police that makes our streets safer and improve the quality of life.

This is our way to engage community members in the transparent and inclusive dialogue that is needed to jointly seek solutions to the many issues that face our local community.

The LAPD West Valley police and Community.

With the addition of the new Topanga Area Patrol Division, West Valley Area now patrols 33.5 square miles with a population of 196,840 people.  That’s down from the 52 square miles West Valley patrolled prior to the opening of the Topanga Area.  Our boundaries are now Corbin Avenue to the west, Roscoe Boulevard to the north, 405 Freeway to the east, and Mulholland Drive to the south.  West Valley Area now has a total of 232 sworn personnel and 30 civilian personnel.  Keep in mind that the total numbers fluctuate from deployment period to deployment period.  Note: a deployment period is 4 weeks.  With the reduction in size West Valley Area now has 6 Basic Cars that patrol the communities of Encino, Reseda, Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks (part), Northridge (part), and Tarzana.

Captain Rafael Ramirez
Beverly Lewis
Captain III
Area Commanding Officer
Capt Alan Hamilton
Natalie Cortez
Captain I
Patrol Captain
Encino NC
Lake Balboa NC
Reseda NC
Tarzana NC
Revitalize Reseda