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Community Police Advisory Board Meetings In person & Live Broad Cast

Last Update: 2/9/2017

Next Meeting: 3/8/2017

Guest Speaker

Sgt. Tom Datro
LAPD Police Training & Education Division

Join the West Valley's Community Police Advisory Board Meeting 3/8/2017 From 6:30 pm, in dialogin dialog and presentation about LAPD 911 call Center, what is emergency and when to call the non-emergancy number.

In Person
* Meeting address: 19020 Vanowen St. Community Room
* Start Time: 6:30 pm One x One with SLOs, 7:00pm Area Updates

At our next monthly meeting, join us for an evening of dialog to discuss emerging safety issues that directly affect the area and meet the area officers.

Join the community in Supporting LAPD West Valley!

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