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West Valley Officer Appreciation Day 2013

Last Update: 1/4/2014

On Dec 11, 2013 the West Valley community joint to show the love and tell the officers "Thank You" to show officer the communities appreciation for the service that the men and women of the West Valley LAPD take on a daily basis to protect and serve the West Valley.

From Captain Egan:

I want to thank all of the community members that came out on 12/11/13, for our employee appreciation day. All of the feedback that I got from the employees at West Valley was extremely positive. It was without a doubt the BEST I've ever attended.

Captain John Egan

Check out event pictures - Click

Take a moment to show your appreciation by replying with your "thank you." message to the officer - Here.

All Thank You messages will be shared with the officers on Dec 11, 2013 at the West Valley LAPD Officer Appreciation Day.

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