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Surveillance cameras in west San Fernando Valley

Last Update: 1/20/2013

LAPD West Valley and Councilman Dennis Zine unveiled 16 new wireless, mobile surveillance video cameras at a press conference 1/18/2013.

The Los Angeles Police Department and Councilman Dennis Zine have a message for criminals: They're watching them.
The police department and council man unveiled the new wireless, mobile surveillance video cameras at a press conference Thursday.
the cameras were installed in undisclosed locations to help the police keep an eye in high-crime areas. Camera handlers can rotate and change the camera angle via remote control.

The cameras support facial recognition at distances of up to 600 feet and are currently up and running. T. Each station will be able to view continues live feeds and the system supports footage storage for five years.

The cameras, which use 3G and 4G cellular wireless technology, feature 35X optical zoom for facial recognition at a distance of up to 600 feet and the system supports storing footage for five years. Providing LAPD West Valley quick relocation for cameras.

The cameras cost $680,000. The money was reallocated for the project in March 2010, Tarman Nassour said. Which will be paid via Council District Three street furniture revenue funds (which are called such because these are the funds that come from advertising on "street furniture," such as transit shelters, kiosks and other fixtures located on streets, sidewalks and public rights-of-way). On April 5, 2010, the City Council approved Zine’s motion to transfer the funds for the camera systems purchase and installation. The Los Angeles Police Commission board approved the installation of the cameras at July 3 meeting.

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