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LAPD Officer apreciaiton day West Valley Videos
Have you seen the latest crime prevention videos from west valley. . .
CPAB May Meeting
Be sure to Join West Valley's Community Police Advisory Board Meeting 6/14/2017 From 6:30 pM, Join in dialog and presentation about Community Policing....
Reseda High Open House Cadets NW Meetings
Neighborhood Watch is the cornerstone of the LAPD's crime prevention strategy. Join your area NW meeting to learn and train on how . . .
Reseda High Open House Cadets NW Conference
Coming Soon the West Valley neighborhood watch leaders and residents are meeting to learn and train on how . . .
Captains John Egan West Valley News NW Digital Newspaper
This month Digital Newspaper of West Valley LAPD is now available to you. This month focus "Tips for Reporting Crimes"...
Badges for Bandages LAPD Badges for Band-Aid
The man and women of the Los Angeles Police department invite you to participate in a campaign to benefit children with cancer....
Captains John Egan West Valley News LAPD Safe Party Tips
dedicated to impart basic crime and violence prevention techniques for increasing the "safety and Security"...
LAPD West Valley is seeking Volunteers
LAPD West Valley is seeking volunteers to help out in the station. We are looking for help with answering phone, filing, lobby greeting, etc.
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